What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is the science of understanding human capabilities, limitations, behaviour and emotions and applying this knowledge to design and evaluate systems, workplaces and environment to ensure that they are safe to work in and employees are able to be productive and happy at work.

Workplace Wellness Programmes
Looking after the health of your workforce improves performance and reduces sickness absence and associated costs.  Implementing health and wellbeing initiatives for your staff will create a healthier working environment and improves staff engagement especially in the long term.  Happy and healthy staff are productive staff.

Aim of Workplace Wellness Programmes is to help organisations improve productivity and maintain a high quality of working life for employees by:

- preventing the likelihood of on-the-job-injuries 

- encouraging an awareness of safe work practices in the workplace; 

- and promotion of health awareness

Services include:

Workplace Ergonomic Coaching
Equipment based ergonomic solutions is usually not sufficient to support long hours of computer use.

Most ergonomic solutions rely on furniture and equipment alone to address repetitive strain, pain and injuries. It’s a mistake to think one can just get the right chair or mouse and all ergonomic problems will be solved. Our body needs to know how to make good use of proper equipment.

The Rolfing based ergonomic approach provides body-use solutions that allow an individual to realize the benefit from furniture and equipment solutions one already have in place. The Rolfing based ergonomics approach is simple to learn, amazingly practical, and easily transferable to the particular demands of the job.

In just a few hours everyone at the place of business will have new body-based tools for increased comfort and productivity:

- Learn basic, easy-to-use principles of body usage

- Learn how to sense the dynamics of the body as it interacts with the furniture and tasks

- Learn how to use body awareness to monitor and modify the way one works for increased comfort

Worksite / Office Assessment
Site assessment consists of the following:

- assess the individual workstations of employees, 

- perform job analysis

- and provide cost-effective recommendations.

The aim of site assessment is to prevent and alleviate occupational overuse syndromes and other common industrial injuries like neck and back strains.

Ergonomics Talks and Workshop
Depending on the topic, duration of each talk or workshop ranges from 1 to 4 hours.

The topics may include the following:

- Work-station design 

- Developing an ergonomic program 

- Computer Related Strains and Injuries

- Neck and Back Care

- Cumulative Trauma Disorders 

- Use of "ergonomic" furniture and aids 

- Principles of manual handling (lifting) 

- Stretching exercise for better mobility

- Self massage to Relieve Stress

To find out more about our Workplace Health and Wellbeing services, please call Posture Connection +65- 8498 5673 or email: 

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