Athletes who have tried Rolfing have these to say:
"I use Rolfing to increase my performance. It freed up a lot of space in my movement, increased my range of motion and gave me more efficient muscle control. The increased range of motion helps me refine the use of my proprioceptions, so I know where I am in space. It also streamlined my motor pathways."

"When I received Rolfing I was really impressed how I was able to make connections between distant parts of my body and see how they were related. For an athlete, this increase in connection can really improve your precision. The more I feel the connection and flexibility, the better I feel the precision in performing the jump."

“I've been working on building a golf swing literally from scratch and quickly learned that  you'll never swing a golf club the right way unless you have flexibility. I tried everything: massage, stretching, etc., and Rolfing has proven to be the most effective way to get that flexibility. I gained 20 degrees of rotation in my hips from rolfing, that I couldn't get any other way. I'll never stop using Rolfing."

“I first went to see Hee to find out how rolfing can help treat my lower back condition. Talking to Hee over the phone, I found him easy to communicate with, and he exhibited a genuine commitment to heal people through his work. After the first session, I was convinced to sign up for the full rolfing course of 10 sessions and am mid-way through it. The results have been amazing. Despite the pain that comes with some of the treatment, i've found rolfing to be deeply relaxing, more so than any other body work I've done. Various tensions and blocks have been released from parts of my body that I didn't know had stored it, and I've experienced a great improvement in my lower back pain. Through Hee's expert and supportive coaching, I am more aware of how I use my body and walk more freely and easily (or like Hee says, "like seaweed in water"). There have been other benefits at a mental and emotional level as well which are hard to articulate but i'm convinced are part of the benefits of rolfing. Most importantly, Hee is patient, attentive, intuititive, holistic and a delight to be around. I am very excited to see continued results as I work with Hee to complete my rolfing course.”

                                 – Harminder Gill / Legal Counsel Singapore

“Hee has done a great job fixing my back when I was in pain. I have met physiotherapists, been to chinese massage and gotten acupunctures during my pain but Hee solved my pain with the ROLF method. I am forever grateful because now I can continue to train and do what I love without any pain. I also learnt a lot of new things about posture as well as the exercises that I will do regularly. Hee is professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. He was also prepared to be flexible to attend to my needs. I recommend him to anyone who needs to rid their body of pain and eventually you will learn how to live better with more knowledge on how the body works and what you can do for yourself to be better overall.”

                             Hayati Nuffus Abdul Razak

                                Personal Trainer / Asian Kettlebell Woman Champion

“I have chronic frozen shoulder and lower back pain for the longest time. At times I could hardly get out of bed or go to work. I saw many Chinese and Western medical practitioners, but with little success except for those that involved painkillers. Doctors have been prescribing stronger and stronger dose of painkillers to help me deal with the pain. I thought to myself this got to stop. In 2010 I came across a magazine article featuring Singapore Rolfer Hee Tan. Rolfing sounds very interesting but I am not sure how it is going to help me deal with my aches and pain. Anyway I just give it a try. I found Hee to be a very professional bodyworker who immediately makes you feel comfortable with his warm and compassionate manner and grounded presence. He makes the whole experience safe and comfortable. Most importantly Hee’s Rolfing has really helped me. I really felt the difference after the first session and after a few more sessions, my frozen shoulder is completely healed and my lower back has improved significantly. What is most amazing about the work is that I no longer have to take those painkillers!! I now see Hee ‘as needed' and it has been the source of a much better way of life for me."

                             – May Lim
                                Sales executive at Wearnes

Hee has very good hands- depth & pressure was intense, but I could feel the immediate benefit and feel great right now. I enjoyed his presence & quiet yet warm style - I felt he was really listening to my body. The session has left me feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time. Thank you so much, Hee!

                          – Susan Ross. Boulder Colorado USA


Hee seemed to know exactly what areas to work on! He really has a Magic Touch.
  – Pam Gilbert. Boulder Colorado USA

I have been doing the exercises Hee has prescribed for me daily and it has helped me with my chronic back problem. I can feel that my back is getting more supported from within. 
        – Tom Gratsch. Longmont Colorado USA

My body feels lighter after the first session. My walk is a lot more fluid. 
      – Steven Tay. Singapore


Hee was my Rolfing Practitioner at The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado USA.  I went through the 10-session program plus a few movement classes.  I have congenital scoliosis and had corrective surgery in 1980 to fuse most of my spine.
Hee was extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology of the body.  He was able to convey this educational part to me in every session, so that I could understand exactly what he was doing and what he wanted to achieve.  He exhibited a high level of quality hands-on skills, and was confident and sensitive to my individual needs.
His passion and enthusiasm for his work was evident in every session.  Hee was able to constantly bring awareness to my habitual postural patterns, and through the bodywork and movement exercises, remind me of the active role that I must play in recovering my own sense of body rediscovery.
I highly recommend him.
Gaye Franklin, Boulder Colorado USA
                                Nationally Certified in Bodywork and Massage Therapy

A Russian client came to Singapore for a “Rolfing Holiday"- December 2010

I have read many things about Rolfing but my experience has exceeded all my expectations. First it is all about my breathing - I can breathe now in the first time in my life. Then I have learnt to walk in a new fashion. Now I feel a brand new sensation - it is lightness of my step. And this is all because of Rolfing and thanks to Dr Hee Tan.
                             – Alexey Vazilov, Moscow Russia

A first time mother who recently completed the Rolfing-10 series got these words to say:
I felt physically scattered after birth and was at a loss as conventional medicine seems to offer no solace. I stumbled upon rolfing whilst doing some online research regarding my condition. I was not very hopeful initially and was pleasantly surprised to feel a significant difference after the first session. I felt that Hee listened to my body and worked on each area meticulously within my comfort level. Postnatal moms who feel that their bodies no longer bear resemblance to the ones they possessed pre-pregnancy should give it a shot.
                             - May Lum, Public Relation Executive


                                                  Oprah’s Dr. Oz
                                               recommends Rolfing 
                 “Rolfing literally releases the joints,” Dr. Oz says. “When you
                                      talk to folks about the impact it
                has on them, a lot of them just stand taller. A lot is just freeing
                              you up to live the way you’re supposed to live.”

"Like yoga, Rolfing is one of those practices that your body instantly tells you makes a lot of sense."
                          - VOGUE magazine (March 2007)


Leon Fleisher, virtuoso concert pianist: “When a crippling hand injury ended his performing career, Peabody pianist, Leon Fleisher went down a different musical road. Thirty years later, he’s turned up an unexpected corner (when he met Certified Advanced Rolfer, Tessy Brunghardt)…The (Rolfing) results were remarkable.” John Hopkins magazine, 1995.

Levar Burton - “The Rolfer works on fascia which is the thin sheath of white tissue that covers the musculature. By manipulating the fascia you manipulate the musculature, and in turn the skeletal structure, so you bring alignment to the body… It can be very healing, cleansing and balancing for the body.” Oprah - July 7, 1996

Movie star Sean Young, who has starred in the movies “Bladerunner”, “No Way Out”, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Wall Street”, “Fatal Instinct”, “Once Upon a Crime”, and a few dozen others received Rolfing from Certified Rolfer Bob Brill.

Willie Nelson, songwriter: “My wife recommended (Rolfing) highly”, says Willie Nelson, “…The first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain),” reported the New York Times, on Feb. 23, 1995.

Sam Keen, best-selling writer, is a former Psychology Today editor and co-producer of award winning PBS documentary “Faces Of The Enemy”. “Bodywork has allowed me at age 65 to live as vigorously as I want to, in an embodied way. Nine months ago I started studying flying trapeze work, and I couldn’t have done it without Rolfing.” Whole Life Times, Aug.’94. When Sam Keen spoke of Dr. Ida Rolf as a true pioneer in his early Psychology Today 1970’s a rticle, Rolfing bodywork gained international attention. Now thirty years later, Keen benefits by making Rolfing a part of his own health care regimen, to stay aligned, fit and flexible for his flying trapeze work. Sam Keen’s books include: Inward Bound; Fire In the Belly: On Being A Man; and the Passionate Life.

Health Professionals

Larry Dossey, M.D., best-selling author: “There is one major reason to take Rolfing® seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people’s bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff.”

Jim Mongomery, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, often refers his clients to Rolfing. “I send a variety of my clients to a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Nicholas French. People with shoulder and elbow problems, with scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery, chronic hamstring problems, low back and cervical spine problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. All those people can be helped with Rolfing.”

Karlis Ullis, MD, (team physician for 1992 summer Olympics), Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group in Santa Monica, CA: “Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains and overuse. The Olympic athletes wouldn’t have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition and injury.” Dr. Ullis has provided medical expertise to athletes at five Olympic games, including Lillehammer, Albertville, and Barcelona, in the fields of figure skating, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, biathlon, track and field and other sports.

Certified Advanced Rolfer and MD, Dr. Bret Nye, speaks about alternative/complementary medicine, a cost effective, alternative to surgery and drugs - “Demand for the services of health practitioners like Rolfers is growing as evidenced by the Nov. 98 JAMA estimate of $21.2 billion being spent for alternative medicine in 97. Integrative health care, is a new trend, that combines Western and complementary medicines to offer the best technological advances in health care. Health insurance companies are increasingly becoming interested in therapies like Rolfing not only as potential cost effective alternatives or complements to traditional modalities, but as opportunities to provide coverage for services that will distinguish them in an increasingly competitive market place of providers.”


Sean Casey, Detroit Tigers All Star Baseball Player says Rolfing helped him resolve an injury.  He would not have been able to play the 2006 World Series without the help of his Rolfer, Micheal Waller.

Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko, 1998 Olympic Silver Medalists, have found they have a competitive advantage by working with a team of specialists that included Helen James, Physical Therapist, and Certified Advanced Rolfer. Elvis Stojko introduced Helen James, Certified Advanced Rolfer to Michelle Kwan in July during the Campbell Soup Tour of World Figure Skating Champions. Stojko, who has benefited from James’ physical therapy and Rolfing expertise says, “Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place.” Working with Olympic and world champion figure skaters is nothing new for James. She says, “It’s key for figure skaters like Michelle and Elvis, to find an exact balanced position in space. Balance and integration are the primary goals of the Rolfing process. Athletes find they have fewer injuries and recover more quickly through Rolfing work,” says James. “They feel lighter and have more energy because they’re not working as hard. They perform and complete their jumps with more ease.”

Three U.S. Athletes trained at the Rolf Institute® in June 1998: John Bauer, a 1992 & 1998 Olympian Nordic Skier; Grant Ernhardt, a US Biathlon team member; and Gary Colliander, a Minnesota Biathlete. Their stories are highlighted in a press release entitled, “The Ski-Rolfing® Connection Is Stronger Than Just Skiers Getting Rolfing Bodywork.” These athletes say that a career in bodywork fits an athlete’s lifestyle & furthers their training. It can offer them the flexibility to both train and work in a profitable and independent career.

Bob Tewksbury, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins says, “I have received many benefits from Rolfing. In 1991, my massage therapist recommended it as a way to get a deeper level of work. Although the benefits of muscle work come and go depending on when and how regularly I get Rolfing work, I have noticed long lasting benefits with regard to my breathing, my posture and my body awareness. I have used Rolfing mainly in two areas, for my lower and upper back to help with flexibility and stiffness and to enhance my performance. I plan to use it again.”

The Phoenix Suns were the first major NBA Basketball team to have a Certified Advanced Rolfer on hand, Jeffrey Maitland. “Phoenix Suns guard, Danny Ainge, who has received Rolfing for years, recommended the therapy to (Charles) Barkley. Other Suns, Mark West and A.C. Green, also have been Rolfed…with satisfactory results,” reported the Arizona Republic, May 1994.

Sarah Will, 1998 US Paralympic Gold Medal Skier, a member of the US Disabled Ski Team is a paraplegic athlete that credits her five gold metals to Rolfing. Will’s says that “Rolfing gives you a competitive edge as an athlete.”

Sharon Sander, ranked #2 on the US Pentathlon team, who’s preparing to compete in the first women’s Olympics pentathlon, says, “I recommend Rolfing for any athlete who has ever had trouble with injuries or doesn’t feel like they are reaching their potential.”

Joe Greene, two-time U.S.A. Olympic bronze medal long jumper says, “Rolfing works. It really makes a huge difference. I’ve been in track and field a long time and wish I had known about it sooner. My stomach tenses and my hips tighten when I jump. The Rolfing bodywork helped me to breathe and I felt taller.”

Craig Swan, former N.Y. Mets pitcher, says, “Bodywork can extend athletic careers,” says Swan, whose career ended from an sports injury. “I truly believe if I had been Rolfed in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching.”Swan’s recovery from a pitching injury inspired him to become a Certified Rolfer and help others.

Other Endorsements

A 50 yr old scientist, and medical consultant for healthcare manufacturers, Jim Wright had planned to live with his shoulder, neck and back problems until his wife suggested Rolfing. The problems were allieviated and he sees his Rolfer once a year for a tune up.

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom, President, Moore Vocal Arts, says, “I am over 60 years old and have advanced scoliosis which the Rolfing treatments have definitely begun to help. One of my friends who had not seen me for awhile remarked on my better posture without my telling her why.

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